Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nude - Variations on a Theme

Hi There

For some reason I prefer painting on canvas rather than the computer. It seems too easy sometimes and having a thing you have made directly in your hands gives me a bigger kick.

Photoshop can be handy and interesting though. (Interesting for you too, I hope)

Yesterday I had a painting which looked more or less like this. (I have "reconstructed" it with a bit of help from photoshop.)

I was of two minds as to where to go from there.

(A) Do an Abstract Art version

(B) Continue on towards Realism. My Muse suggested the latter. So I took another look at the original photo, Used Curves in PhotoShop to darken and increase contrast, took a look at it after doing a Poster Edges Filter.

This is what I was more ore less aiming for

This is what I now have on canvas: A rather unfeminine muscular female body builder!

Thank heavens for Photoshop. At least it can help me visualize what might have been or still may be.

Anyone wantta be my Virtual Muse?

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